Customer Testimonials

LexTek is committed to doing the highest level of customer and car service possible.  We listen to your feedback and appreciate your positive words, it reminds us we are going in the right direction.

June 2020

I had been looking for a good Lexus mechanic to help me fix some issues I had on my LS400 and I definitely found that in Monty. He took his time to get the job done right and wouldn’t stop until he got the car perfect. Definitely will be returning for future repairs and maintenance in order to keep my car running for a long time.

-Mathew P.

February 2020

Monty is one of the best Mechanics I’ve met and a trusted choice. Straight up and not out to gouge you or try to RIP you off. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my Lexus rx400h.

-Ernesto L.

January 2020

I’m so happy my friend recommended this shop. I brought my Lexus here to get estimates on a lot routine maintenance I needed. Monty inspected my car he was very honest about what I needed and didn’t need. I really appreciate how thorough he is and his attention to detail. He took the time to answer all my questions and gave me advice about a lot things I wanted to know about my car. His knowledge of everything Lexus is impressive! It’s hard to find a trustworthy shop these days. From now on, nobody else will be touching my Lexus except Monty.


December 2019

Monty was extremely knowledgeable about my Lexus. He was very thorough in his diagnostic of my car and brought up issues I new I needed to fix. My RX has been in the family for over 18 years and has over 220,000 miles. I plan on keeping this car for a while and trust that Lextek knows my 300 and have the same goals to keep my vehicle running smoothly for the next 100k.

-Ronald S.

September 2019

I’m so happy my friend recommended this shop. I brought my Lexus here to get estimates on a lot routine maintenance I needed. Monty inspected my car he was very honest about what I needed and didn’t need. I really appreciate how thorough he is and his attention to detail. He took the time to answer all my questions and gave me advice about a lot things I wanted to know about my car. His knowledge of everything Lexus is impressive! It’s hard to find a trustworthy shop these days. From now on, nobody else will be touching my Lexus except Monty.

-Jerry M.

August 2019

We have had Monty look at every car we bought before we bought it and they have all been winners.  His shop is the best of the best.   He knows what he is doing, give you the straight answers and does a great job every time.   I have never met a client of LexTex that has not been a super support and a happy car owner.

-Bob P.

July 2019

I’ve known Monty for almost 18 years. Monty has worked on all of my cars during that time and he does a great job. He is very knowledge and very trustworthy.  Monty would never steer anyone wrong. He knows cars, and he knows what is best for them. If you buy a used Lexus or Toyota, take it to Lextek for the vehicle services or if any major work is needed. I’ve had three Prius’, a corolla, and two tundra’s and he worked on all of them.  All of the Lexus and Toyota dealership service centers are clowns, their employees are clowns, and they charge you for stuff that you don’t need.

Take your cars to Monty!

-Ramon G.

September 2018

I have a 2007 I S350 with 100,000 miles on it. Monty replaced my lower control bushings replaced all four shocks / struts, did the top engine flush and a transmission flush. The car drives and runs like new. Awesome job. I would recommend him to anyone that owns a Lexus. Thanks Monty

-Nate S.

August 2018

Brought my 2017 200t to Monty here at Lextek and I couldn’t be any happier. He answered all my questions and also gave me great advice. Highly recommend this spot. Come by he won’t let you down.

-Ernie H.

July 2018

I just bought a used 2006 Lexus IS350 (3 months ago) with 100k miles on it. I absolutely LOVE the car so you can imagine how difficult it was when one day the car wouldn’t start. It was late in the afternoon and I started Yelping for possible repair shops. I came across Lextek and I’m sure glad I did! When I called I actually got a voicemail so I left a message and the owner (Monty) called me right back. I told him what happened with the car and he said to go ahead and have it towed over. It was about 4:45 pm and I asked if I could just have the car towed and left at the business. Monty agreed, but generously offered to wait for the car to arrive so he can lock it up inside to avoid possible headaches. The next day Monty called me at about 9:30 am to let me know that the starter needed to be fixed. He explained that he would get the car started, then check for additional known issues for IS350’s. I agreed. He then called me at 3 pm to let me know my car was done and had a relatively clean bill of health. Buying a used car makes me very anxious because you never quite know what you’re getting in to, but Monty made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. When I arrived, Monty educated me on some of the other maintenance things I can do to the car to increase reliability and performance. There was no sales pressure or feeling like I was getting “sold” on something I didn’t want or need. It was more like having a friend who knows LOTS about my car and just wanted to help me along the way. My mom has a 2018 ES350 and needless to say, both of us are going to bring our cars to Monty (Lextek) rather than the “stealership”.  Thank you Monty and although I don’t want things to go wrong with my car, I can’t wait to bring it back to you!

Cheers brotha.

-Mark S.

July 2018

This place definitely beats going to the dealership for service and repairs. The shop is immaculate and the owner, Monty is extremely knowledgeable about all things Lexus. Brought my IS 250 here to have the lock actuators replaced and not only was the job done quickly and at a reasonable price, but I also received a free multi-point inspection which made me aware of a few other items on my car I’d been neglecting. Very informative and no pressure/hassle to get an estimate. I’ll definitely be back for additional maintenance to keep my car running like it should!

-Davood D.

July 2018

Monty has been fixing my and my family’s cars for years.  He is great!  Kind, courteous, and helpful.  Every time I take my car in, it comes out running like it’s brand new.  Monty always goes above and beyond — fixing the little things, cleaning the car, etc.  This past week he was able to replace my alternator for free using his warranty.  He could have charged me for the part and the service… of course, Monty only charged me for the labor.  Overall, he saved me nearly $500 (not to mention all the other times he’s saved me money and time over the years).  Monty treats you how he would want to be treated and is a real stand up guy who is like family to me.

If you have a Lexus, BRING IT TO MONTY/LEXTEK!!!  You would be crazy not to.

-Zachary S.

July 2018

I recently took my 2007 Lexus to Lex Tek where owner Monty took care of my car. He was friendly, knowledgeable and someone you can trust. When I dropped off my car, I asked if he wanted me to take off for awhile so he can take a look at my car. He said, no, that he wanted me to be there with him so he can show me what needs to be done and what doesn’t. Right away that impressed me as I know he was not trying to sell me on a service or part that I did not need. He explained to me what he was looking & listening for and we both were able to see the issues at the same time so I knew he was not trying to upsell me on something not needed. I will definitely make Monty and Lex Tek my mechanic and shop for my Lexus going forward.

-Brett M.

June 2018

I can honestly say that I left his shop knowing more about my car than any other time I’ve gone someplace to have my car maintained. Monty is a knowledgeable mechanic and knows his way around a Lexus. He pointed out what I needed done and what I didn’t need done. His estimate was spot because he knew the prices for labor and parts no shady estimates, no unexpected expenses.

When all was said and done my RX450h came back looking better than when I dropped it off and I feel confident that my next road trip will be without issue when it comes to my car. Thanks Monty. See you again for all my maintenance from now on.

-Rick D

April 2018

I just moved from the East Coast, where I had an awesome mechanic and was worried it would take a long time to find a quality, honest mechanic. Fortunately, I found Monty immediately and had my Lexus serviced right away after driving across the country. He got me in the same day, is professional, responsive, and communicates issues with the vehicle openly and honestly. He went above and beyond to help me resolve some minor issues that had needed to be addressed for a while, as well as larger more comprehensive issues. I was in and out with everything working great and a plan for future repair based on my timeline and budget. This shop is on point. Highly recommend.

-Bethany W.

October 2017

I’ve been coming to Monty for years and he is great!! I drive a Lexus IS 250 and he knows all the tricks to keep my baby running smoothly! I get all my routine services done here and it’s a fraction of the cost as the dealership with higher quality work! It’s super easy to schedule an appointment and he has a nice waiting area with TV. Bring my little Frenchie to visit every time too and he got him a water bowl 🙂 I drive from Sorrento Valley just to see Monty because he’s that good!! I highly recommend LexTek!

-Brianna W.

July 2017

Came here on recommendation from a co-worker.  I’d been going to the dealership and another workshop that does a lot of work for the dealership.  They “followed the manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule” to the letter…however, they didn’t really “care” for my vehicle.  Monty however did a full inspection of my vehicle, asked me questions about the maintenance I’d previously had and my driving habits, and made recommendations on what was absolutely necessary to get done now, what could wait until later, and what I needed to do to get my vehicle back up to its original performance and keep it going for miles, especially since I plan to keep this one.
I was surprised to find out that the other places I had taken my vehicle to did the bare minimum maintenance, but no real care. I live in Murrieta and work in San Diego.  I have over 96,000 miles on my 2013 Lexus, but the previous mechanics never bothered to flush the transmission system or brake system.  Monty not only suggested it, he allowed me to see the condition of my transmission fluid during the flushing…and it was black.
His experience and obvious care in maintaining vehicles is what I would rather have over a “textbook” mechanic that simply follows the manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule with no regard to how the vehicle is actually being driven and how that may affect that schedule.
It’s a Lexus and Monty uses genuine Lexus parts, so maintenance and parts aren’t cheap.  But his prices are significantly lower than the other two places I’ve been, one of which used cheaper products when doing my maintenance.  So glad I came to Lextek and it has been a great sense of relief finding an honest mechanic who knows what he’s doing.

-Alicia H

July 2017

I was referred to Lextek by a co-worker, after telling him my car was running a little  sluggish.  Me being the third owner of this 2002 Lexus
Ls430, the car has never been kept under maintenance. The only services that the car has received since being bought was tire rotation and oil changes.  My buddy referred me to Monty, he said “Take  it to Monty, he’ll fix it for you.” As soon as I heard nothing but good things from my friend about the shop, I had to get on down there. My experience meeting Monty for the first time, straight down to earth dude. There aren’t very many honest mechanics and auto shops out there, this guy tells you exactly what’s going on with your vehicle thoroughly. My car had all these Christmas lights lit up in the dash, driving  me crazy. After a few days Monty had my car running like a brand new Lexus, we took the LS for a spin and I have never felt that power this vehicle displays. If you don’t want to pay dealer prices, and you don’t want the run around, take your car to Lextek. Big shot out to Martin, for the help on the car as well.

-Mike A.

June 2017

I can honestly say that I left his shop knowing more about my car than any other time I’ve gone someplace to have my car maintained. Monty is a knowledgeable mechanic and knows his way around a Lexus. He pointed out what I needed done and what I didn’t need done. His estimate was spot because he knew the prices for labor and parts no shady estimates, no unexpected expenses.

When all was said and done my RX450h came back looking better than when I dropped it off and I feel confident that my next road trip will be without issue when it comes to my car. Thanks Monty. See you again for all my maintenance from now on.

-Rick D

March 2017

Monty is a pleasure to deal with. Came out to Coronado to pick up the car to accommodate my tight schedule and had the car back in no time. Knows his field as good as anyone and that’s great news if you own a Lexus like we do!

-Paul R

January 2017

​After taking my Lexus to the dealership for years and spending lots of money on repairs and maintenance I got a referral from a friend of mine. He told me about his longtime friend that is a Lexus tech. After him telling me about what a great guy he is and the quality of work he does i was excited on giving Monty a shot. After Monty greeted us very  graciously he gave us a tour of his immaculate shop. I was already impressed. I explained to Monty what i needed done he gave me an estimate that i was very comfortable with. Monty and his tech Martin started working on my car and i could not be happier with the work done. My car will go nowhere else for work. Lextek is a blessing to Lexus owners that take there car there. Thank You Lextek!!!!!! PS my daughter loves the lounge.

– Marco M.

July 2016

I brought my 97 lexus 300es here with a nasty oil leak and monte figured it out immediately. His lexus training and experience are as good as any dealer. He spotted a number of potential trouble areas and fixed them with factory parts before they caused major damage to my engine. Im back on the road now and my car runs like new!
Hes also takes the time to clearly explain everything thats going on and even picked me up and droppec me off in Coronado while he was working on the car.
Pretty hard to beat.

-Martha J

April 2016

I have been going to Monty for 15 years and I am on my third high-mileage Lexus.  Monty is the best.  I wish I had a doctor as dependable as  my mechanic!!!   Monty has ALWAYS taken great care of me and my vehicles.   He is honest, trustworthy, and possesses extraordinary attention to detail!!  He has built up superb capabilities in his shop and has a tremendous network of resources to get the job done.  Monty is such a pleasure to work with that I will only buy used Lexus vehicles so that I can always have Monty as my service technician.  I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars on vehicle service over the decade and a half that Monty has been taking care of me.  I cannot say enough about Monty and his LexTek shop!!!!!  Truly, Monty is FIVE STAR!!!!!

-Brad B.

February 2016

Let’s start off by how I found this place. I was working in the area and ran across this shop. Walked in and the owner Monty was there to greet me. His professionalism has been unmatched by any other shop around. Been going to his shop for over 6 years now. We have become really good friends and he is the only guy that I trust with my vehicles. He’s honest, reliable, trust worthy and most of all you can count on him doing a great job. I’ve recently so my Lexus but still call and talk to him regularly. He even works on my daughters car and it’s not a Lexus. My mechanic for life.

-Richard M.

June 2015

I decided to take my car to Lextek for my oil change. It was a pleasant surprise. Service was excellent and they got my car ready in less than 30 minutes. This was a great since it gave me extra time to enjoy my lunch break. Honestly I don’t leave many reviews unless the service is really excellent, but this time I specifically wanted to leave this review because I saw the 1 star that Mercedes S. left. One big reason is that I was there when Mrs. Mercedes S. daughter brought the car over to Lextek. I remember this since   the story was a bit funny. She just brought a car from Chain Oil Change place where they pumped 12 quarts of oil in her engine which basically would destroy her engine.  Luckily a nice gentlemen in Lextek was kind enough to catch that and drain the oil so the engine would not get destroyed. Daughter was on the phone with mommy the whole time when they clearly explained to her what needed to be done to the car. This was moms request to let her know what needs to be done. They agreed on the repairs. So please stop blaming small business owners for something big chain business does to your car!!! You get what you pay (oil change for $19.95). Sorry to write this long message but these guys were and are honest business and they provided me with great service.

– Amer H.

May 2015

If you drive a lexus all I can say is TAKE IT TO MONTY!!! It is a rare quality to find an extremely knowledgeable, honest mechanic who is also patient with you no matter how many questions you ask-and it doesn’t hurt that his prices are 1/3 of that of a lexus dealer either!!!! All the service and professionalism of a lexus service center and a fraction of the price!!! You rule MONTY!!!!!

– Doug Sargent

December 2014

Let me start off by saying that Monty is not only my mechanic he has become a great friend of mine! I’m very pleased to say that he has been working on my cars for over 5yrs now and I will never go anywhere else! Having had Monty for my mechanic has been a peace of mind knowing that I’m not getting ripped off and that the work will be good quality work. Lextek is by far the best place I’ve ever been.


September 2014

Its been about six months since I had the 90k done on my LS. I haven’t had a single issue and since getting dialed in the perfomance has been great! The prices are reasonable without sacrificing dependability. I wouldn’t have my car worked on anywhere else.

– Noel R

August 2014

Dear Monty,

Thank you very much for taking care of my RX 300. As a college student in Arizona traveling to and from Chula Vista, knowing that my vehicle is safely running at its best, is very important to me. Oh by the way, having heat in my vehicle while in Prescott AZ. In the winter time is a blessing. Thank you very much. I feel that you, look after my vehicle, is as if it were your very own. Thanks Monty, you’re the best

One Happy Customer,

– Amanda Snyder

June 2014

“One of the best experiences I have had at a mechanics shop hands down. Monty was one of the guys who you know you can trust, because he shoots you straight and is willing to walk you through everything and explain why things are going on with your car without trying to charge an arm and a leg. Having a Lexus is an expensive habit, but thanks to good people like Monty it makes it that much easier to enjoy a nice car, my GS thanks you for getting it to the Monty Standard…and will continue to be maintained there as well…if your looking for a good place with honest OUTSTANDING work this is the place period…. “

– Joe G.

May 2014

“If you’re tired of taking your Lexus to a “stealership” for service and you want an honest mechanic that provides quality service, Lextek is the place.

I have been taking my Toyota/Lexus vehicles to Monty for over 15 years. Monty has saved me from unnecessary and costly repairs recommended by the “stealership” on numerous occasions.

The customer service provided at Lextek is second to none. Knowing I have Monty is the reason I will continue to drive Toyota/Lexus vehicles. Great mechanic and even better friend. Thanks Monty. I appreciate the great service and friendship!”

– Andre P.

May 2014

“Monty is up front and honesty with his clientele, when it comes to receiving a estimate for vehicle repairs.

When Monty does maintenance on your vehicle, you know it is going to be done right the first time.”

– Robin Holloman

April 2014

“Monty is an awesome mechanic. He is very friendly and professional. My husband and I trust him with our vehicle. We value his suggestions and know that his work is superb. We don’t have to bring our vehicle back for the same issue. We had some bad experiences with “other Lexus repair shops”. Every since we were referred to Monty we have been totally satisfied. If you are searching for a good Lex Tek then this is the place to take your vehicle. Thanks Monty for your honesty and excellent work.”

-Arilisa H.

April 2014

“Monty’s work ethic and commitment to excellence have not changed since we served in the Navy 26 years ago. He thoroughly completes maintenance on all my vehicles and every customer I have referred to him always comes back satisfied. If you want honest work at affordable prices on your Lexus vehicles, Monty is the best in San Diego.”

– David Bello

April 2014

“Monty and Martin have been working on our Lexus since about 1998. We bought our first Lexus a 93 GS300 dealer certified in 1997 and Monty started to service it on a regular basis soon afterwards in around 1998, because dealer servicing was very expensive and it was a long drive from Chula Vista to El Cajon. We like to keep our cars for a while, as least 10 years and longer. The 93 GS300 had over 230,000 when we sold it in 2005 and bought a 2002 Dealer Certified GS300. We still drive the 2002 GS300, runs great with over 260,000 miles. Thanks to Monty!

In 2012 we bought a 2008 Dealer Certified RX350. I know that we will be driving it for 300,000 miles.

We like Monty at Lextek because he is honest and knowledgable with us on the care of the vehicles. We know that Monty is a Lexus trained mechanic and knows what he is doing. I also believe that his fees for service is very reasonable for the quality of service he provides. As long as Monty has a garage to work, we will have him and Martin work on our Lexus.”

– Ralph M.


March 2014

“I have been going to Monty’s shop since 1999. He is an amazing mechanic that does things right the first time. I have had 6 different Lexus cars over the years and he has taken great care of each one. Needless to say, my cars always run perfect. And when I go to sell them, they always run better than the others listed in autotrader.

I just had an issue with my 1992 Lexus LS400. It has 204,000 miles and has started to need a few things. It had no power, the a/c didn’t work and it began making a funny noise. I drove up and he came out to my driver window and told me what he thought the problem was and gave me a good estimation of what it would cost to fix. That would never happen at a dealership! The last time I went to Bob Baker for an issue (because they were close) they charged me $75 to diagnosis it, then they gave me a ridiculous quote (they did say if they fixed it they would apply the 75 to the repair). I didn’t fix it there because the price was ridiculous. The repair cost was going to be more than what I thought the car was worth.

I took my car to Monty’s shop. His price to replace the fan bracket, A/C lines, fuel pressure regulator and brakes was over a 1/3 less than the dealership quoted me. My car was there for a few days and he even gave me a loaner Lexus (he doesn’t always have one but I was thankful for one on this occasion!)

This is a thank you to Monty for keeping my baby running great and not ripping me off. (Thank you to Martini as well).”

– Brian M.

March 2014

“I have driven Lexus for 15 years now. I have done so because of Monty. As my neighbor in the 90’s Monty always spoke very highly of the car manufacture. Monty was then working as a Lexus technician for the Lexus Dealership. Fast forward 13 years and I had since moved and in need of a knowledgeable, trust worthy Lexus Mechanic for my IS and my LS. While searching on the Internet I found Monty. With over 20 plus years of experience and knowledge working on Lexus, Monty is the best in the business. Affordable prices, professional service, and convenient location. Location is with in 15 minutes of southern, central and east San Diego. Free refreshments and a comfortable user friendly lounge with cable TV and wifi! I live in Temecula but drive all the way down just to have Monty service my cars. My dad gave me some advice when I was a young man starting out in life. He said two things are priceless and very hard to find in life but when you do keep them. One was a honest and trustworthy lawyer and the other was a great honest mechanic. Well I have at least found the mechanic. I would recommend Monty and Lextek to anyone who drives a Toyota or Lexus. I have in fact had relatives and friends buy one so they would have a great mechanic!”

– Eric M.

March 2014

“I came in for my 90k maintenance, and had a great experience. The service was on point and was very educational, you don’t get that from the dealer! I would highly recommend this shop to Lexus or toyota owner any day.”

– Jonathan Farin

February 2014

“I have a 2006 GS300. I’ve been taking my car to Monty for about 4 years now, he’s done all my maintenance. Just got my 60k completed, Monty’s attention to detail is what I look for in a great mechanic. He is honest and professional. I would recommend his work to anyone and I do. If you want your car running smooth go see Monty. Thanks for taking such great care of my car.”

– Edwin Andujar

February 2014

“It’s hard to find a mechanic or a lawyer you can trust so if you find one stick with him or her. I found one trustworthy, reliable and honest mechanic and that’s Monty and Martin of Lextek San Diego located in National City. I’ve known Monty for 20 years and he’s the only one I can trust my cars with.”

-Leo Ventura

February 2014

“I’ve been going to the Lexus dealership for years. The primary reason I’ve chosen to pay the dealer maintenance costs is simple…It’s tough finding a honest and trustworthy mechanic who not only provides “efficient quality,” but also someone who offers a standard of customer service that leaves their customers “fully satisfied.” From the initial diagnostic to the completion of my service, Monty provided the confidence I needed to entrust my vehicle into his care. He’s definitely earned my business!”

– J. Doria

December 2013

“Monty has been our mechanic for 20 years, he is the best in SD!!! He always treats you with respect, he is an expert on the Lexus car, all models. He will make time to take your car in for service, we have never been delayed in getting our car serviced, his prices are very reasonable and his work outstanding, never over selling unneeded services. Monty is the only one we would ever have work on our cars, his is trustworthy and honest and the best in the business.

Monty thank you for all that you have done for us!”

– John Finn

November 2013

“I was having issues with my front ball joints causing my car to produce ugly metal-to-metal like noises and steering to be very stiff. Fortunately, I was referred to Lextek and Monty quickly diagnosed the problem. The front struts and ball joints were ordered on a Monday and I took my car in Wednesday night, with a loaner car waiting for me. Monty had my car ready for me Thursday morning and I was able to pick it up during my lunch break. Now my car is driving smooth again like it did off the dealership lot and I am very satisfied with his work.

Monty was also kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to check the condition of my timing belt, spark plugs, cam seals, and valve cover gaskets, to avoid problems down the road.

If you are looking for a quality Lexus technician that genuinely cares about their customers and the quality of their work, without the dealership costs, Lextek is the place for you. As long as I am an owner of a Lexus vehicle, I will be a customer of Monty’s. Thank you Monty!”

– Ryan Aquino

August 2013

“Monty has been servicing my Lexus vehicles for 12 years and I have always been very satisfied with his work. I like to think as long as Monty is servicing Lexus vehicles, I will own one.”

– Mike Gamboa

July 2013

“Monty has been my friend for over 20 years and has provided me quality Lexus service at an affordable cost.”

– Myke Bacla

February 2012

Monty is the only Lexus certified mechanic that we would EVER take our cars to. Monty has worked on our cars for over 20 years. He is the most reliable, dependable, and the best price, we have ever found. We travel all the way from the North County, he is that good!

– Jane F.

January 2012

“We have three Lexus owners in our family and Monty, at Lextek, is the only one we can depend on for honest, thorough and dependable service. The labor is done by the book and his rate can’t be beat. Our RX, GX and IS go to Lextek

I highly recommend Lextek for your Lexus service.”

– Nate S.

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